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Boost Your Win/Loss Program with Answers to 5 Questions

Last week, I gave a webinar for the Minnesota SCIP chapter entitled, Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want. It was moderated by Michelle Winter of SCIP and Julie Johnson, Minnesota SCIP chapter leader. Check out my Win/Loss presentations to help boost your Win/loss program from my Slideshare presentations. There were 5 questions at the conclusion …

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Opportunities and Threats from Conducting Win/Loss Analysis

This is our third blog of the widely used SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to assess the value of Win/Loss analysis. Strengths (Blog 1) are HERE and Weaknesses (Blog 2) are HERE. This blog outlines the opportunities and threats of Win Loss analysis. Opportunities Win/Loss Interviews Provide Deep Insight In our digital age, these in-depth conversations are a rare …

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Happy Thanksgiving: 7 Win Loss Tips to Improve the Success of Your Program

Adopt these 7 Win Loss Tips to Improve Sales and Customer Receptivity to Win Loss interviews. Don’t Let Sales Conduct Your Company’s Win/Loss Interviews Research from the book, “From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call,” indicates: Salesperson’s assessment is totally wrong — 32% Salesperson just has part of the story — 28% Salesperson’s understanding is complete/accurate — …

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Conflict Resolution: Know Your Hot Buttons & Be Aware of Other’s!

A Hot Button is an emotional trigger and when someone pushes one of your hot buttons, you know it since it make you a little crazy. Self awareness of what makes you crazy and an awareness of others’ hot buttons—is very useful in business. It is important to know your conflict style. Before you can diffuse your hot buttons you must be clear about what inflames them. Awareness of hot buttons bleeds right into cooperative intelligence’s leadership, connection and communication

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Trick or Tweet: 14 Ways to Alienate Twitter Followers

In the spirit of cooperative intelligence, I will illustrate how to be cooperative by sharing examples of bad Twitter communication practices. Remember it takes time to build a successful social networking presence just like it does the old fashioned way through meetings and phone calls. Relationships take time to develop, and the best way to nourish them is through continual, consistent communication, asking questions and listening.

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Win/Loss Analysis: Weaknesses – SWOT #2

This is the second article on the SWOT of win/loss, which focuses on Win/Loss analysis Weakness of this analytic tool. Many of the weaknesses can be found in the execution of Win/Loss analysis. Timing of the Win/Loss Analysis Process Since the Win/Loss interviewing process takes place after the buying decision has been made, some argue it is of limited value. If you …

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What Are the Strengths of Conducting Win/Loss Analysis?

This blog will outline the strengths of Win Loss analysis. This is the first step of the widely used SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to assess the value of Win/Loss. We will share weaknesses, opportunities and threats in future blogs. Strengths are HERE and Weaknesses are HERE. Win Loss Analysis: Strengths The major strength of Win Loss analysis …

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Listening Provided the Pivotal Clue for Competitive Intelligence

All too often we rely only on written digital data. In this case study, it was the competitor’s CEO’s tone of voice in the quarterly earnings conference call that provided the pivotal clue. If I had only read the earnings report—my original intention—I would have missed it. My lesson learned: in competitive intelligence projects, when you can listen to the human voice, especially the company’s CEO, do so.

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Win/Loss Analysis

Overcoming Your Salesforce’s Objections to Win/Loss Analysis

Learn how to overcome your salesforce’s objections to doing Win/Loss analysis. Remember the main goal of Win/Loss is to win and retain more business, not to critique sales people.

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11 Questions & Answers about Win Loss Analysis

Learn what win loss analysis is, the benefits of doing it. Learn why people do and don’t conduct win loss analysis. Get tips on starting your own Win Loss program.

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