The Business Intelligence Source

The Business Intelligence Source

The Business Intelligence Source

2017 is The Business Intelligence Source’s 24th year as a marketing and competitive intelligence consultancy.

  • Are you tired of making ill informed strategic decisions?
  • Are you focused on the right marketing opportunities?

Through our rigorous and thorough research and analysis, we will help you make better strategic and tactical decisions…and beat your competition.

  • Are you needlessly losing sales to the competition?
  • Do you know why you’re losing deals, and why you win them?
  • Are you challenged to retain your existing customer base?
  • Are you frustrated by the increasing number of undecided customers?

By asking your customers and those who chose a competitor, we find the answers to these important questions, and recommend changes to improve your win rates. All you have to do is be willing to make those changes! This practice is called Win Loss Analysis, the title of our book, Win Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want.

If you would rather conduct your own Win Loss analysis in-house, we offer training, which will save you hours of development and organization. You will learn from the mistakes we have corrected since 1989.

  • Do you have trouble getting people to share the information you seek?
    • Information that is crucial to your company’s strategic direction?

We have that covered too. Through our ethical research skills, people share information with us. We also can teach your employees to improve their interviewing collection skills through our elicitation training. We offer elicitation training to sales, marketing and product developers.

  • Need an engaging keynote speaker for your company, association or conference?

We have given hundreds of presentations, workshops and webinars over the last 20+ years. Your audience or employees will not be bored.

Ethics & Confidentiality

In all our projects, The Business Intelligence Source observes the ethical standards established by our clients, the Association of Independent Information Professionals and the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

All our work is held in strictest confidence.

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