Competitive Intelligence Resources

Competitive Intelligence Resources

Competitive Intelligence Resources

Our Competitive Intelligence Resources include our blog, articles, presentations, Naylor’s Mailer newsletter, and our book, Win Loss Analysis.

Cooperative Intelligence blog is a rich source of competitive intelligence, including Win Loss analysis, customer intelligence, sales intelligence and elicitation. It is searchable by keyword.

Ellen Naylor has written for a number of association publications over the years. The most popular has been the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional‘s (SCIP’s) publication, Competitive Intelligence Magazine.

Ellen Naylor shares many of her PowerPoint presentations from Slideshare. The most popular ones are included below.

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Win/Loss analysis

Do You Want to Know Why Your Competitors Got the Business and You Didn’t? Learn how your buyers make their purchasing decision and improve your win rates through our book Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want.





Competitive Intelligence Resources from Competitive Intelligence Magazine

Ellen Naylor was a columnist for SCIP’s “Competitive Intelligence Magazine.” Her focus was the cooperative intelligence angle of competitive intelligence.  She has written articles for SCIP since the mid-1990s.


Sales Intelligence and Win Loss Analysis

Strategy and Leadership

Cooperative Intelligence: Communication and Relationship Building



Competitive Intelligence Resources: Slideshare


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