Elicitation Training

Elicitation Training

Elicitation Training
Many people are very uncomfortable collecting information from another human being in conversation. Elicitation training teaches competitive intelligence professionals, product managers, marketing and sales how to use elicitation in everyday business to improve their collection skills. In the case of training sales, we also focus on how to use elicitation to close deals more readily.

Elicitation Training for Sales Reps

Elicitation is used differently in sales situations and others where you are developing a relationship, rather than cold calling, where you’re unlikely to speak to the person more than once or twice.

While people don’t remember a conversation as well as they do questions – which is what most of elicitation is – over time they do remember conversations. This compels them to ask sales reps questions they might not have before, that are future looking. You need to make sure that your sales force knows what they can and cannot share when these questions come up.

Elicitation helps sales reps close deals, which is really why they like it. Since elicitation is a planned conversation, this forces the account rep to organize sales calls in a way that motivates the client to share. At its core, elicitation is figuring out how to motivate the other person to comfortably share what you are looking for.

I have never met a sales person who plans a sales call as methodically as we teach them in our elicitation training. Key benefits for sales reps are learning how to read the body and how to interpret the innuendos of voice communication. This knowledge helps them move to close deals at the right time, and to recognize early in the sales process that a prospect is not a good fit for your company’s solution.

Elicitation training is great for new sales rep orientation. It will give new sales reps a leg up on the competition. It is also useful for more seasoned sales reps since many of them get into a rut in how they conduct themselves in sales calls.

Elicitation Training Brochure for Sales

Elicitation Training for Researchers and Competitive Intelligence Analysts

Elicitation Training: Attendee Feedback

“How did elicitation training benefit you?”

I know I will use these skills to close more deals. (Sales)

I will use these skills to maximize my time with revenue generating prospects and existing customers, and weed out unlikely prospects.(Sales)

I like the structure used in elicitation to organize my sales calls. Today we often wing them. (Sales)

I learned some new elicitation techniques and names for things I have been practicing, so it was very reinforcing. You are such a delighful, pleasant, insightful and genuine speaker! You didn’t even have to talk loud to get our attention. (Experienced Researcher)

I will incorporate the elicitation structure and body reading skills to collect better information while talking to people on the telephone or in person. (Competitive intelligence, Marketing and Product Managers)

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Enable Sales to Elicit Market Intelligence (Competitive Intelligence Magazine)


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