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Improve Your Company’s Competitiveness through Sales Intelligence

Companies often underestimate the knowledge and insight that resides in their sales force. They communicate with customers and prospects every day. They encounter the competition as they market your company’s products and services. They hear from customers what the competition is feeding them about your company’s products as well as the competitor’s. Who better than Sales to connect with as a source of real-time competitive intelligence and product shortfalls?


sales intelligence


Why Sales Intelligence?

Ellen Naylor started life in Sales, and learned that it is essential for companies to support Sales so they can close and retain more business. Every company needs to build its sales intelligence capabilities by encouraging Sales to share what they learn about the competition, product development and changing customer needs. But remember with Sales, you need to give to get.

In building a relationship with Sales, it is important to learn what they value, which changes often due to their tactical focus. We research and connect with Sales to learn the gaps in their knowledge. For example, they often value key customer leadership or business changes; competitor product announcements; and silver bullets around your company’s strengths and competitors’ weaknesses. But they don’t have time to stay on top of these things.

Let us help build your sales intelligence knowledge base. We speak “Sales” and appreciate the knowledge they can share. We also have a track record of connecting Sales with each other, as peer to peer exchange is often a strong value among sales people.

We can provide research to support Sales’ needs as well as facilitate processes and better communication among individuals across functional areas. For example, Sales is often unaware of the new products being developed in your company’s pipeline; and product developers need customer feedback to make better products. Sales is often the conduit.


Sales Intelligence is Essential for Win Loss Analysis

We believe that Win Loss analysis needs to be a collaboration with your company’s sales force and sales management. They need to understand that Win Loss findings are not criticisms of their performance. Rather they provide learning to improve sales win rates and customer retention, which resonates with everyone in sales. They also appreciate that Win Loss findings are not just targeting Sales, but also include product development and marketing. Sales intelligence becomes stronger when Sales realizes that Win Loss results render sales and marketing alignment.







Sales a Goldmine for Competitive Intelligence from The Business Intelligence Source


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