Competitive Intelligence Training

Since 1996, Ellen Naylor has given extensive competitive intelligence training via webinars, presentations and workshops across North America and in much of the world including Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Competitive Intelligence Training

We have hundreds of off the shelf presentations on competitive intelligence topics such as win loss analysis, trade show collection, social media collection, elicitation, interviewing skills development, analytic tools and techniques. Below are lists of competitive intelligence training we’ve delivered in the last 20 years.

Customer Testimonial: Competitive Intelligence Training

Thanks for raising the awareness of our management team with regards to competitive intelligence.

Clearly, I want to share with you that last Monday exceeded my expectations because the Team took on the responsibility to create and implement the Win/Loss process. This is really exciting when they voluntarily do something like this, as contrasted to being instructed to implement a new, meaningful and useful process. Ellen, you made the sale. Thanks.

Kindest regards,

Fred, Chairman, Manufacturing Company

Win Loss Analysis Training


SLA Competitive Intelligence Division webinar recording: Win/Loss Analysis: Lessons Learned from the Trenches.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what Win/Loss analysis is; why it works; and how your company can benefit from developing a Win/Loss program.
  • A unique 12-step Win/Loss process that has guided managers and executives to world-class results.
  • Issues you must address as you develop a Win/Loss program.
  • Lessons learned in Win/Loss process development.

Win/Loss for the Win: Video with Casey Cheshire on his Hard Corps Marketing Show

Customized Competitive Intelligence Training

Many clients want us to deliver customer competitive intelligence (CI) training which is geared to their industry, their employees and their experience in competitive intelligence. Our typical audiences for customized competitive intelligence training are strategic planners, sales, marketing, product managers, and competitive intelligence professionals.

To develop workshops, we build on your company’s existing practices with sensitivity to your strategy, tactics and culture. Workshops are interactive. Together with you, we identify the areas you want to develop or improve. We include many interactive exercises throughout training, and role play is a common learning experience.

Strategic Competitive Intelligence Training

  • Using Competitive Intelligence to Make Strategic Marketing Decisions
  • Competitive Strategy for Senior Executives
  • Impact Decision-Making by Using Competitive Intelligence and Analytic Tools
  • How to Communicate Competitive Intelligence Persuasively Using Analytic Tools
  • Development of Strategic and Tactical Competitive Intelligence Tools

Developing a Competitive Intelligence Program

  • Competitive Intelligence: Generating Competitive Advantage with a Corporate CI Program
  • How to Build and Maintain an Effective Competitive Intelligence Process
  • Competitive Intelligence Best Practices
  • Competitive Intelligence: Defining User Requirements
  • Developing Your Competitive Intelligence Skills
  • Integrated Competitive Intelligence: Build an Indispensable & Value-Added Marketing Department
  • Build a Competitive Intelligence Process: CI in the Telecom Industry

Competitive Intelligence: Sales and Marketing 

  • Capturing Competitive Intelligence from Sales
  • Sales: A Goldmine for Competitive Intelligence
  • Bringing Sales into the CI Process: Tools & Techniques to Promote Interaction
  • Advanced Sales Intelligence Workshop
  • Integrating Sales and Competitive Intelligence
  • Bringing Sales into the CI Process: Tools & Techniques to Promote Interaction
  • CI Techniques & Technology to Improve Your ROI in Sales & Marketing
  • Improve Your Close Rate Using Elicitation Techniques
  • How to Develop Early Warning Systems Using Your Sales Force
  • Winning Partnerships: Integrating Sales and Competitive Intelligence

Win Loss Analysis and Trade Show Analysis

  • Using CI to Gain Lost Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Win/Loss Process
  • Win/Loss Analysis: How to Clinch and Keep the Business You Want
  • The What, Why and How of Win/Loss Analysis
  • How to Improve Customer Retention and Close Rates through Win/Loss Analysis
  • Why Win/Loss Analysis? Learn the Benefits and Best Practices
  • How to Conduct Trade Show Analysis

Primary Research and Human Intelligence CI Collection

  • Capture Precious Competitor & Market Intelligence through Elicitation
  • Interviewing & Elicitation Techniques to Improve Your Company’s CI Collection
  • Improve Your Collection Skills through Interviewing and Elicitation Techniques
  • Primary Intelligence Collection: Interviewing and Elicitation
  • Elicitation 101: How to Be a Phone Detective
  • Conversational Intelligence: Tips to Improve Interviewing Collection Skills
  • Optimize Collection through Conversation
  • Using Human Intelligence to Collect Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Training: Networking

  • How to Leverage Networking Technologies to Obtain CI
  • Effective Networking and Communication for CI Professionals
  • Secondary and Primary Competitive Intelligence Collection
  • Optimizing CI Collection: Where Public Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence
  • Secondary and Human Source Intelligence Gathering Techniques
  • Intelligence Early Warning Systems: Beyond Monitoring
  • How to Optimize Your Competitive Intelligence Collection Process

Competitive Intelligence Training for Product Development

  • Capture Customer Intelligence from Sales and Customers for Lucrative Product Development
  • Linking Competitive Intelligence to the Product Development Process

Cooperative Intelligence: Constructive Competitive Intelligence Training

  • Introduction to Cooperative Intelligence
  • Build a Sustainable Early Warning Process through Cooperative Connection
  • Cooperative Intelligence: Constructive Business Best Practices
  • Cooperative Communication: How to Get Your CI Message Heard
  • Winning with Cooperative Intelligence: Building Constructive Competitive Intelligence Practices

Ethics in Competitive Intelligence

Exploring Ethics in Competitive Intelligence Practices

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