Industries Served

Industries Served

Customers often ask what industries we work in, particularly their industry. We pride ourselves in being industry agnostic. That way we don’t bring the prejudices and blind spots that often accompany those who work in one market exclusively. For example, in Win Loss analysis, our cross-industry experience helps us be more creative in developing questions and probing more deeply. In Win Loss analysis, it is far more important to be a good interviewer and listener. You need to have the business acumen in marketing, sales, product development, and how customers make their buying decisions.

While most of our work is in technology, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services, our broad industry experience makes us a quick study for most industries.


Industries Served

Software/IT – SaaS, Business software, ERP, Email

Internet, E-commerce, wireless, traditional telephony, CATV, VoIP, satellite

Electric, gas & oil

Glass, paper, dust control, bulk materials, various types of test & measurement equipment

Medical devices, peri-operative, healthcare claims, healthcare insurance, claims management, disease management

Food, Nutrition & Wellness – Certified holistic health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Financial Services and Related Technology

Retail – Fine jewelry, oil paintings, clothing, department stores, consumer electronics

Transportation – especially aviation

Professional Services – legal, accounting and consulting


Environmental Services – Recycling, parts cleaning, containerized waste management, software

Commercial Furniture

Conclusion: Industries Served 

If industry expertise is your key decision-making criteria, and you don’t see your industry linked above, don’t despair. We have long-term alliances with consulting firms globally. We also refer business to other firms if we or our alliance partners are not a good fit.


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