Improve Your Competitiveness: Adopt Technology & Pharmacology to Boost Intelligence

Those who don’t take advantage of technology and pharmacology might be at a competitive disadvantage, increasingly so in the future. Today we are getting smarter through what Jamais Cascio describes as intelligence augmentation, which helps us make connections and see patterns in order to avoid being overwhelmed by this information glut. By 2030, we’ll live in a world where sophisticated foresight, detailed analysis and insight and augmented awareness will be commonplace. Many professionals will use simulation and modeling in their daily work as the supporting technology will be readily available. Read how.

Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) Released at #SCIP09 in Chicago

Competitive Technical Intelligence focuses on science and technology (S&T) and provides methods and tools to help companies, labs and governments maintain a technical competitive edge. CTI often provides the longest future look at your competition versus other forms of competitive intelligence such as sales, product and financial. Order your copy of the recently released Competitive Technical Intelligence book through Bonnie Hohhof (

Are We in a Rut in Competitive Intelligence Innovation? #SCIP09 Post-conference

More of the innovation that people shared was around process which involved social networking and more sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools. The cost of information acquisition is really inexpensive today even compared to 10 years ago, so companies can afford to text mine and use tools that provide visualization at a reasonable cost. We concluded that industry norms can be a deterrent to sharing innovation. However, as we build our human networks and develop trust, we often share our innovation with others, either one on one or among a smaller group.

More Competitive Technical Intelligence – CTI

CTI is action oriented findings of science and technology events and trends that can affect an organization’s competitive position, either presently or in the future. Here is a sneak preview of a portion of my chapter for SCIP’s upcoming book on Competitive Technical Intelligence, which focuses on Best Practices in CTI.