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Primary Research & Analysis

Women TalkingWe have learned that the best information comes from the mouths of individuals, not the Internet, not social media – both awesome places to gain baseline information albeit biased by the company or government agency that often issues business news.

Our specialty is finding the people who know what you want to learn, and then engaging them in dialog. Our 20+ years of experience and the synchronicity of research take us to where we need to be to connect with the right people who are willing to share without compromising their ethics, yours or ours.

We have been conducting conversational interviews for over 20 years, which adds to our success rate since we are sensitive to the other person’s tone of voice and the innuendos of conversation, which guide us to probe deeper or to change the subject, for example. Our alliance partners have a similar experience level in conducting interviews, should we bring an alliance partner into our team.

We don’t just integrate our findings in a report that tells the story of what we have discovered. We spend the extra time to analyze our findings so you don’t have to.

BTW we provide expert training in primary intelligence collection which includes standard interviewing and elicitation—the conversational style of interviewing that is guaranteed to get people to share.



Improve collection interviewing elicitation 2013 from Business Intelligence Source

Trade Shows

TradeshowsTrade shows are a Mecca for market intelligence. Nowhere are there more people who want to share their knowledge and insight: industry experts, prospects, competitors, other industry participants such as suppliers, distributors and journalists. Everyone is in the marketing mode whether at formal presentations, exhibitor booths or informal places like the conference bar or hotel café. We love helping clients learn more about the competition and marketplace developments at trade shows, and are often invited to social events, one of the best places for information exchange.

We don’t just integrate our trade show findings in a report that answers your questions. We spend the extra time to analyze our findings so you don’t have to.


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New Product Introduction

Tracking the MoneyWe will provide the rigorous research to support your new product introduction. Sometimes we discover that our client’s product ideas will not be profitable. In one case a utility company wanted us to determine if their byproduct could be marketed to cement companies to improve the strength of their cement mixture. We learned that the market was not profitable and was already saturated. The decision not to engage with cement makers in this losing proposition saved the company millions of dollars in penalty fees, had they signed with major cement manufacturers.

Articles Opportunity Analysis in These Tough Economic Times

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