Elicitation Techniques Followup from SCIP’s Webinar

Elicitation Techniques #1: What are the ethical implications of Human Elicitation? Are there any techniques/framework (aka Scharff) more widely accepted? I believe the ethical implications for elicitation are similar to standard interviewing. With elicitation, one plans the interview with the end in mind and works his way back using conversational elicitation techniques to get there. The …

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Blogging about Competitive Intelligence from #SCIP09 in Chicago

I will be blogging about competitive intelligence from SCIP’s annual conference in Chicago this week April 21 – 24. Read more about this on Twitter under #SCIP09. If you would like to connect at SCIP09, please connect with me at renaylor@wispertel.net or 720-480-9499. I will attend all networking receptions, and will be give two talks:

Build a Sustainable Early Warning Process through Cooperative Intelligence (1:40 p.m. Thu) AND Capture CI from Sales & Customers to Drive Lucrative Product Development (9:40 p.m. Fri)
I’ll be in the exhibit hall from 9:30 – 12:30 p.m. on Thu, and some time after my talk around 3 p.m. or so.