10 tips for ‘spying’ on your competition – Sales Machine – CBS News

Want to get a leg up on your competitors? Here are 10 tips for gathering intel Read more by Tom Searcy on CBS News’ Sales Machine.

1. Educate yourself about Google Scholar

2. Go where the writers go, the Writers Guild of America

3. Get to know university librarians

4. Run a background check https://www.knowx.com/index.jsp

5. Read all the news that’s fit to sell

6. See your industry analyst

7. Shop the competition

8. Opt in to receive the competitive company’s email marketing newsletters

9. Check out the wire services

10. Take stock of the competition

See on http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505183_162-57420826-10391735/10-tips-for-spying-on-your-competition/

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