Will Associations Go the Way of Print Media?

SCIP just announced that its formal merger was consummated with Frost & Sullivan’s Institute. This merger is a sign of the times: it’s hard for associations to survive in this tough economic climate. But I think it’s more than that: the association model is changing not just due to competition from other associations, but for people’s time and easy access to connections formerly made through associations via social media.

Looking at Security Issues in Social Media: What Doors Are You Leaving Open? (Webinar)

Social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are fabulous! However, be aware of what additional information may be leaking out about your organization through these same social networks! In this session, Marcy Rodney will share real examples, and will discuss issues and best practices around security and privacy when using these networking tools as well as how to find information. This free event takes place on August 25 at 6 pm on Second Life http://slurl.com/secondlife/Info%20Island/62/114/33.

Contrasting the Traits of Good Product Managers & Competitive Intelligence Managers

Many of the traits that make a good product manager also make a good competitive intelligence manager. Like product managers, competitive intelligence professionals rely on others in their company for support who do not report to them. The best product managers need to understand the customer’s world. Don’t filter customer’s input based on what you believe. A common question product managers ask executives is “what keeps you up at night?” to get focused on what the executive needs immediately. While CEOs may be critical of product managers, they expect leaders to have product management experience. This sure isn’t the case with competitive intelligence, a key skill, which is not a pre-requisite for the executive suite!

Collective Intelligence: Approaches to Find Stolen Art, “Urban Sunset”

Last weekend, we were at an outdoor art show in a prosperous Chicago suburb. Rodgers’ painting “Urban Sunset” an original oil painting of a Chicago city scene was stolen (24” by 30” + frame). We would love to recover this painting, but it’s probably not that likely, so I thought I would share this story with you to remind you to be careful, and to share some sources to recover stolen art.

How a Good Relationship between Marketing & R&D Improves Product Development

When marketing and R&D are truly focused on understanding and acting on customer needs, it makes both of their jobs easier and their results more productive! This is a powerful competitive weapon since this is not the case at many companies. Perhaps R&D can be masters of the art of possibility while Marketing can master the art of the Possible– that is what customers want and are willing to pay for.

Who Says Librarians Can’t be Analytic Competitive Intelligence Professionals?

I am amazed at how quickly librarians can build off their information expertise and applied it to analytics. Here’s an example of how they dove into win loss analysis. This article discusses an approach to conducting win loss analysis including start-up issues and questions we would pose to customers depending on if we won or lost the sale.

Improve Your Competitiveness: Adopt Technology & Pharmacology to Boost Intelligence

Those who don’t take advantage of technology and pharmacology might be at a competitive disadvantage, increasingly so in the future. Today we are getting smarter through what Jamais Cascio describes as intelligence augmentation, which helps us make connections and see patterns in order to avoid being overwhelmed by this information glut. By 2030, we’ll live in a world where sophisticated foresight, detailed analysis and insight and augmented awareness will be commonplace. Many professionals will use simulation and modeling in their daily work as the supporting technology will be readily available. Read how.

Improve your Competitiveness: Learn about AIIP

Read excerpts from Chris Kenneally’s interview with AIIP leaders Marcy Phelps and Linda Rink and find out about this great organization of 600 information professionals in over 20 countries who run their own businesses and support businesses which range from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. AIIPers do a lot more than simply find information: many members provide analysis to help clients make sense of the information, and provide ongoing updates.

How Corporate Recruiting Adds to a Competitive Intelligence Effort

Dorothy Beach shares her experience in setting up competitive intelligence in the recruiting space. Through her experience, Dorothy shows how counterintelligence is often more valued in recruiting than in other parts of a company. She outlines 6 steps to obtain high level management buy-in to develop a CI gathering process.

Jeffrey Immelt’s Ideas on Renewing America’s Competitiveness

Jeff Immelt, GE’s visionary and innovative Chairman & CEO thinks the US needs to create an industrial renewal as follows:
1. Invest in new technology
2. Win where it counts in Clean Energy and Affordable Healthcare
3. Become a country that’s good at manufacturing and exports
4. Embrace public/private partnerships
5. Encourage leaders that are also good citizens
He concludes that as “Business leaders we are responsible for the competitiveness of our own country.” The US is at a competitive disadvantage globally since its private and public sectors are often at odds and do not cooperate like they do in most other countries in the world!