Why Cooperative Intelligence?
Ellen Naylor
Ellen Naylor

In my 25+ years working in and for corporations in marketing and competitive analysis, I have observed that the focus is too often on process and monitoring the competitive landscape using secondary research and the Internet, and increasingly neglects the relationships we must forge with individuals. From speaking to people in other professions, I have learned that this focus on process is widespread, particularly due to the high usage of electronic communication that has replaced the telephone and face-to-face meetings.

We have plenty of support to become good at our skill such as law, finance, accounting, art, marketing, or my area–competitive intelligence. However, many of us have trouble listening, being heard and taken seriously by the right people in our companies. I have learned that an attitude of cooperation is one of the best ways to encourage people to share, regardless of what you do or what industry you work in.

Cooperative intelligence puts people in the center whether through social networking, in-person meetings, teleconferences or written communication. Its foundation is giving attitudes and practices which encourage openness, sharing and trust. Trust begins with communication, telling the truth, and doing what is good for people and the organization. When people trust you, they often will do what you ask them to do since they want to.

Cooperative intelligence is a holistic solution which integrates generous leadership, connection and communication to make us stronger individuals regardless of our profession. It incorporates emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry to make us more balanced individuals.

BTW, I am writing a book on cooperative intelligence. If you have some ideas, I would love to hear from you.

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