Listening Provided the Pivotal Clue for Competitive Intelligence

All too often we rely only on written digital data. In this case study, it was the competitor’s CEO’s tone of voice in the quarterly earnings conference call that provided the pivotal clue. If I had only read the earnings report—my original intention—I would have missed it. My lesson learned: in competitive intelligence projects, when you can listen to the human voice, especially the company’s CEO, do so.

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Win/Loss Analysis

Overcoming Your Salesforce’s Objections to Win/Loss Analysis

Learn how to overcome your salesforce’s objections to doing Win/Loss analysis. Remember the main goal of Win/Loss is to win and retain more business, not to critique sales people.

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11 Questions & Answers about Win Loss Analysis

Learn what win loss analysis is, the benefits of doing it. Learn why people do and don’t conduct win loss analysis. Get tips on starting your own Win Loss program.

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7 Top Competitive Intelligence Blogs Read in 2016

Our top 7 competitive intelligence blogs read in 2017. Interesting that most focus on relationship management.

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competitive intelligence

7 Timeless Competitive Intelligence Tips

4 of the 7 timeless competitive intelligence tips. Company insularity is not a competitive advantage. Don’t forget: Your employees are smart! What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service? Many companies can’t afford a competitive intelligence program.

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Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want: Q and A Part II

We answer 3 Win Loss analysis questions: What percent of Win Loss analysis interviews are blind versus not-blind? Do you have a horror story to share about a Win Loss interview that went badly? Do you have tips on how to deal with this? You mentioned that you use a decision tree approach to developing the Win Loss questions. How do you prepare them? Do you share with the sales force to validate it?

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Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want: Q and A

Check out this blog to listen to and see the slides from my book, “Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want.” Also included is the Amazon page to order your copy of the book. Captured here are 5 Q and A from the webinar: What internal group supports Win/Loss analysis? What are some best practices to break through internal company resistance to Win/Loss analysis? When is the best time to conduct Win/Loss interviews? Due to the sensitivity of Win/Loss analysis, is it better to hire a third party?

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Rocky Mountain SCIP Meeting

Rocky Mountain #SCIP Meeting: Mar 30 #Denver

You are invited to our Rocky Mountain SCIP networking meeting on Mar 30 @Denver’s BookBar from 6-8 p.m.

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Be Smart: Be Human: Be Flexible

How flexible are you in competitive intelligence and Win/Loss analysis? We usually aren’t in situations where the daily news changes how we’ll be with people. However, it’s likely that no matter how much planning we do, there are surprises. So the bottom line is as with many things in life. Do your homework and be prepared. Be flexible and swallow your pride, and let your heart speak when it’s needed. That way when the unexpected happens, you will have an ability to change gears.

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How You Can Become a Conversation Rockstar

So much about life revolves around effective communication. As a primary research expert, I am always looking to for ways to motivate others to share. You need to understand what makes them comfortable to share. I recently read Traci Brown’s book, Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence. While the book focuses on closing sales deals, the same tactics …

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